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American Music Galas and Awards at a Glance

Like all parties, music galas and awards spark off a healthy dose of fun and excitement. American music galas and awards are meant to pay tribute to the most iconic and influential figures in the country's music industry. The events attract artists from various music genres, including country, rock, pop, hip-hop, R&B, alternative rock, and Latin, just to mention a few. The nomination for the award winners is done based on factors such as radio airplay, touring, social activities, streaming, and digital song sales, as reflected on and Billboard Magazine. Explore our blog for more information about American music galas and awards.

Music and Casinos - True Entertainment

3 Dec 2019

Just like the music galas, casinos throughout the states can provide Americans with good music, flowing drinks, and big rewards, if you’re lucky! After an event like the country music awards, people want to let loose a bit and continue to celebrate the night. What better way to do that than at your favourite casino surrounded by your friends, cheering you on as you make your first bet at the blackjack table.

America is home to a lot of legends in the music industry, as well as some of the largest music and casino venues found around the world. New Jersey, home of Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, and Jon Bon Jovi, has some of the best casinos in the entire country and now the option for people in the state to wager online. This means you can be at your favourite singers´ concert with a beer in one hand and a game of mobile slots in the other.

Let the good times roll

Whether it’s rap, reggae, country, rock, etc., America welcomes and celebrates all types of musical genres. The country recognizes those who have started and led the path for other great musicians to follow in, as well as up and coming artists. We can compare casinos to music, as both feature a variety of categories including style, games, and rewards. While Boston Music focuses mainly on music, has taken care of the casino side of things, both online and land based, providing guides for free video poker online, slots and other amazing casino games.